Want to Buy Jordan Eberle’s Truck?


You don’t have to be an Oiler to get all-star treatment at Kentwood Ford. You also don’t have to be an Oiler to drive their vehicles! If you’d like to buy Jordan Eberle’s F-150–the one that he drove during the 2015-2016 season–you can!

In the video above, former Oiler Jason Strudwick takes Jordan through a quick tour of the truck. Jordan talks about the features you’ll come to love (including seats that massage you while you drive). He’ll also tell you why it’s a great ride for tackling Edmonton’s infamous winters.

If you’re interested in taking Jordan’s truck for a test drive, all you have to do is visit

The Specs for Jordan Eberle’s F-150

Eberle’s F-150 has a first-in-class aluminum body and steel frame, which makes the truck 700 lbs. lighter than the previous model. The lower weight is something of a revolution in the industry, as it gives the truck higher fuel efficiency while achieving greater towing and payload capacities. The better power-to-weight ratio also means improved acceleration, handling, and braking.

Oh, and it also has a bad ass name: Nightshade.

This truck boasts a 6-speed automatic, 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine. It’s the smartest and most efficient engine ever used in a truck. (Don’t believe us? Check out our profile of the EcoBoost engine.) It has a 360-degree camera that lets you see around the entire truck from the comfort of the driver’s seat. There’s a Blind Spot Information System to help avoid accidents, and much more.

Because of his busy travel schedule, Jordan put less than 6000 km on this bad boy, which means you get a truck that’s good-as-new at a much-less-than-new price! How much will you save? Over ten grand! For more on cost, specs, and booking a test drive (not to mention the story of how Jordan customized this truck himself, with the help of one lucky fan last year), visit