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Top 10 Reasons to Drive an F-150

Top 10 Reasons to Drive an F-150

#1. It’s Canada’s Best Selling Truck

When looking for the Top 10 Reasons to Drive an F-150, the list has to start with the fact that it’s part of Canada’s best selling truck line. Not only is it Canada’s Best Selling Truck, it’s Canada’s Best Selling Truck for the last 50 years. It’s hard to argue with that kind of success.

How has F-Series managed to maintain such an impressive streak? A commitment to innovation. The F-150 alone introduced the Super Crew cab, anti-lock breaks, and the EcoBoost (twin turbo) engine. Ford has also been a consistent leader in terms of chassis weight, towing and hauling capability, and fuel efficiency.

“When it comes to trucks, only one stat matters – how customers vote with their wallets,” said Doug Scott, truck group marketing manager. “And the results are clear – the capability, productivity, technology and value of Ford F-Series is unmatched.”

That quote was from 2009. It’s even more true today.

#2. It Uses Military Grade Aluminum

When I say aluminum, you might say “beer can.” But Ford’s new aluminum truck bodies are used in aerospace engineering, commercial transport, and the energy industry.

If it’s good enough for planes, it’s good enough for me.

Ford’s new military grade aluminum is extremely lightweight. It shed 700 lbs. worth of weight from the previous year’s truck. The result? Ford’s trucks are more fuel efficient because they don’t need to lug as much weight around.

Top 10 Reasons to Drive an F-150

#3. It Has Best-in-ClassTowing

The F-150 has truly herculean strength.

Thanks to the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Engine, the 2017 F-150 can pull a maximum of 12,200 lbs.

The RAM 1500, on the other hand, can only tow 10,700 lbs.

#4. It’s Officially the Safest Truck

Don’t go thinking the F-150 isn’t as safe now that it’s 700 lbs. lighter. The F-150 is the only Top Safety Pick (in the Large Trucks segment) from IIHS, for both the 2016 and 2017 models.

The F-150 also received a perfect score from NHTSA on all of their safety tests, except the Roll Over test (in which it scored a 4 out of 5).

Thanks to Forward Collision Warning, the F-150 is literally the safest truck on the market.

#5. Over 100 Patents Went into It

Those patents include Ford’s 911 Assist® (which automatically places a direct call to a local 911 emergency worker if your truck is in a serious accident), My Key, Ford Sync, Tough Bed, Ford Telematics, Side-Mirror LED Spotlights, Remote Tailgate Release, the BoxLink management system, and over 90 more.

Top 10 Reasons to Drive an F-150

#6. It Has Best-in-Class Payload

The current generation F-150 integrates high strength with less curb weight to have the best in class max payload of 3270 lbs. when properly equipped.

The truck bed is also engineered to take a beating. To all work-minded potential F-150 owners: the F-150 is designed to tackle any use and abuse.

#7. It Has Terrific Fuel Efficiency

With the 2.7 L EcoBoost your truck sips gas like an SUV while being a top performing truck.

With 9.2 L / 100 km hwy and 12.3 L / 100 km city, the F-150 is a great choice, even for penny pinchers.

#8. Backing Up a Trailer is Easy

Backing up a trailer can be a real pain. Enter: the F-150’s trailer assist feature.

With 5 minutes of measurement and inputting data into the system this saves you tons of time parking your vehicle while towing anything. The Ford engineers have made steering very easy with a turn of a knob.

Sounds a little too easy? Check out the Globe and Mail’s coverage of Ford’s trailer assist earlier this year:

Activate the inconspicuous dial on the dash, put the truck in reverse, let go of the steering wheel and be amazed. Using the side-view mirrors, the gas and the brake, you ease the trailer back. Turning the knob left turns the trailer left. It controls the steering wheel, turning the truck wheels while limiting your speed. I backed up a utility trailer on a zig-zag course and didn’t hit one pylon. The truck made me look like a pro on the first attempt. Summer vacation, here we come.

#9. It’s Been Rigorously Tested

The new F-150 has been torture-tested over 10 million–million!–kilometers in a state of the art lab. It has been put through punishing terrain, Alberta-style weather, desert conditions, in high altitudes, all the while pulling heavy trailers and huge loads.

Tests also included robots slamming its doors and tailgates, dropping massive amounts of weight onto the truck bed, while being shaken and jostled from several directions. Because why not.

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